offsite productions



VFX + Compositing

CGI Modeling + Animation

Offsite Productions takes a unique approach when it comes to VFX and CGI work. Our team is made up of artists and creative thinkers who have delved deep into the technical complexities of the craft and love to explore new ways of making things.

We work with you to get to the heart of your concept, brief, or pitch and quickly refine the core elements of a project. From there we can strategize what aspects are open to exploration and what our end goal is in order to create something truly fresh and exciting.

Because we handle edit, VFX, and color all in-house, we can ensure your creative vision is being seen through all aspects of post-production to final delivery. Our team is highly flexible and committed to delivering premium content for every project, large and small.

Moncler Holiday | Agency: MA Creative


VFX & Composite

We handle compositing and effects work in-house using After Effects, C4D, Blender, and Fusion to create flawless images.

CGI Modeling & Animation

Our team can handle CGI modeling, rigging, animating, and lighting, all in-house, to create a unified image that can stand on its own or be composited with other footage.