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The Shed is a New York-based arts organization that commissions original works of art across all disciplines for all audiences. The Shed is founded on the principal that access to art is a right, not a privilege, and works to offer unprecedented insight into the creative process.

Offsite Productions’ ongoing partnership with The Shed is focused on producing editorial and advertising content that aligns with the Shed's core mission.

Trailer for The Shed’s 2019 Program.

Through documenting the full process behind the work The Shed commissions—from shooting the artists, curators, and collaborators in their homes and studios through documenting the final exhibitions—we are able to create a body of work for The Shed that investigates the full scope of the artistic process.

One year since their launch, we have created hundreds of videos and animations and developed a unique editorial style that communicates the goals of The Shed by pairing low-fi images with cinema quality footage and a slick, highly specific motion graphics language. Our work accounts for 90% of The Shed’s video content, has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views, and has helped build their audience across social media.